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Class 3 DSC (Individual)

Key Features and Usage

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Class 3 DSC (Organization)

Key Features and Usage

Class 3 DSC (Foreign Individual)

Key Features and Usage


Key Features and Usage

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What is class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC)?

A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a type of digital certificate issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) that provides the highest level of security and assurance for online transactions and communications. It is designed to offer the highest level of authenticity and integrity verification, making it suitable for applications where stringent security measures are necessary.

Here are some key features of a Class 3 DSC:

High Level of Security: Class 3 DSC employs strong encryption algorithms to ensure the security and confidentiality of digital transactions and communications. It offers robust protection against unauthorized access, tampering, and data breaches.

Legal Validity: Class 3 DSC holds the highest legal validity and is recognized as equivalent to handwritten signatures in many jurisdictions. It is widely accepted by government agencies, courts, and regulatory bodies for various online transactions and legal documents.

Identity Verification: Before issuing a Class 3 DSC, the Certifying Authority performs rigorous identity verification procedures to authenticate the identity of the certificate applicant. This typically involves verifying identity documents and conducting in-person verification, if required, to ensure the integrity of the certificate.

Wide Range of Applications: Class 3 DSC can be used for a variety of online transactions and activities that require a high level of security and authentication. These include e-commerce, e-tendering, online banking, electronic procurement, and filing of legal documents.

Digital Signatures: Class 3 DSC enables users to digitally sign electronic documents and transactions with a high level of assurance. Digital signatures created with a Class 3 DSC are legally binding and offer strong evidence of the signer’s identity and intent.

Overall, Class 3 DSC provides a reliable and trusted mechanism for individuals and organizations to conduct secure online transactions while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Document Required For Individual
Type DSC

  1. Applicant Address Proof – Aadhar, Voter ID, DL, Elec. Bill, Bank Passbook, Passport (any one)
  2. Applicant PAN Card (if DSC usage in Incometax/GST)
  3. Mobile No (Valid)
  4. Email ID (Valid)
  5. Passport Size Photo

Note -IF DSC applied Through Aadhar Based– Photo not required)

Document Required For Organisation Type DSC & Document Signer

  1. Applicant Address Proof – Aadhar, Voter ID, DL, Elec. Bill, Bank Passbook, Passport (any one)
  2. Applicant PAN Card (if DSC usage in Incometax/GST)
  3. Mobile No (Valid)
  4. Email ID (Valid)
  5. Passport Size Photo

Documents Required For Class 3 DSC
(Foreign Individual)

  1. Proof of Identity – Passport
  2. Proof of Address – Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Gas Bill etc Not Older than 3 months or Valid passport/Driving License/Govt Issued ID proof.
  3. Email ID & Mobile Number
  4. Passport Size Photo

Org Documents as per types of Company

Document Name














Copy of Organizational PAN Card,If GST No. not provided


Copy of Recent Bank Statement / Bank Certificate,If GST No. not provided

Copy of Incorporation,If GST No. not provided


Copy of Business Registration Certificate (S&E / etc)




Copy of Partnership deed containing list of Partners / Authorization Letter



Proof of Authorized Signatory (List of Directors / Board Resolution / Resolution)


Authorized Signatory ID Proof (Organizational ID Card / PAN Card / etc)

(If applicant is not a proprietor)

Copy of Applicant PAN Card

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